Connected Home Direct

what we offer:

  1. - Exclusive offers to your clients
    - Cash-Back value add programs
    - 24/7 customer and client support
    - Ancillary income for your organization

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Who is Connected Home Direct?

Connected Home Direct is a national concierge service for all major Cable, Internet and telephone providers.

We connect consumers to nearly every communications company in the U.S., providing them with an unbiased review of their choices for TV, Internet and Phone service. We provide exclusive promotions, and in most cases, a cash back offer from our providers. Consumers have access to the best promotions, the best value, and a superior customer experience.

What will Connected Home Direct do for my organization?

Connected Home Direct will provide your organization with a zero-cost, turnkey value add for your clients and employees.

Savvy consumers make decisions based on value and customer service. With CHD, your company will stand out from your competitors because you are providing a one-stop shopping resource with the benefit of a "white-glove" concierge service. 

Employees will now have access to exclusive offers and cash back promotions not available to the general public.

How will Connected Home Direct improve my business?

Connected Home Direct will improve your bottom line by providing ancillary income to your organization for each client that activates service and adding value to your business by providing zero-cost value add to your clients.